About the introduction of Beijing International Amusement Facilities Equipment Fair

2017 / 06 / 27

With the rapid development of China's tourism industry and the rapid increase in national spending power, the rapid development of tourism and leisure industry, according to incomplete statistics, 2013 national amusement industry investment amounted to 50 billion yuan, the amusement industry entered a period of rapid development The In order to better meet the needs of the amusement industry and promote the development of the Chinese amusement industry, the China Amusement Park Amusement Park Association will hold the "2017 China (Beijing) International Amusement Facilities & Equipment Expo at the National Convention Center from March 18th to 20th, "
Expo has been successfully held 27 sessions, the previous Expo will attract from around the world amusement equipment manufacturers and professional buyers. Has become the Asian entertainment industry event
It is expected that the exhibition area will be 33,500 square meters.
During the fair, the China Travel Association will host the China Recreation Industry Development Summit Forum, which will give speeches by experts and scholars from all over the world and China's amusement industry to promote the healthy development of Chinese recreational industry.
◆ During the current Expo will be held in China amusement industry development forum.
◆ domestic entertainment industry traditional event, has been successfully held 27 sessions
◆ international entertainment industry authority event, the international amusement industry giants will come every time
◆ domestic and foreign entertainment industry trading platform, the transaction volume increased by 37% per year, is expected in 2014 turnover will exceed 30 billion yuan mark
Exhibits Area Beijing Amusement Show Amusement Equipment Showtime Movies provide the following exhibits
◆ playground and park recreational facilities: roller coaster, scooter, Ferris wheel, bumper car, carousel, sightseeing, sightseeing ropeway, amusement lovers, karting and other types of rotary, swing play machine. Remote control equipment, hit the game, community fitness equipment, inflatable amusement equipment.
◆ electronic game machine series: game machine (GB), coin machine, video games and peripherals, simulators, video game software and other entertainment, puzzle and entertainment facilities and equipment.
◆ water amusement equipment: wave equipment, water slides, bumper boat, yacht, model, water fountain, water treatment equipment, photoelectric combination equipment, rafting equipment.
◆ dynamic film: 3D, 4D film equipment, water curtain film, fog screen film equipment, performance equipment, special digital photographic equipment, theater equipment, three-dimensional film special projectors, special audio, lighting, vending machines, playground and entertainment center management Software and so on.
◆ children's play facilities: baby carriage, battery car, swing car, early childhood education facilities, children's playground, gas mode, children's game rack, swing, swing chair, turntable, slides, naughty fort, trampoline, Puzzle toys, music overturned, dumping music and so on.
Zhengzhou City Wanle recreational equipment Limited
  Founded in 1996, specializing in small and medium-sized amusement equipment manufacturing company, located in the Central Plains Economic Zone Zhengzhou equipment manufacturing industry gathering area, Henan Province is the pioneer of the game industry. China's game, amusement park association executive director of the unit; Chinese game, amusement park amusement facilities manufacturing professional committee members; "million music" brand of recreational equipment in the industry, the domestic market enjoys a high reputation, while creating an international brand, Over the years by participating in Dubai, Russia, Singapore, the United Kingdom, the United States and other international amusement machine exhibition, with a number of successful dealers signed agents, international customer turnover increased every year, the international market, "Wanle" amusement equipment brand recognition increased year by year , To the pace of the world is accelerating.
  The company is R & D and manufacturing sales service integration business. Engaged in design and development professionals more than 10 people, more than 90 manufacturing workers, full-time sales service staff of more than 20 people in research and development through digestion and absorption of domestic and foreign advanced industry technology and technology, every year to develop a number of new amusement products, Has been the formation of amusement equipment products in the market demand for customer-oriented design concept, access to the development of the source, to win customer trust in the production of lean manufacturing, high-end matching, manufacturing appearance attractive, stable and reliable products; Service always adhere to the customer to create value for the faith, the implementation of intimate peace of mind service action, has won the trust of domestic and foreign customers and praise.
  To create "million music" amusement equipment brand. "Quality first, stable, safe and reliable" is the company's strategic beliefs. There are eight series of dozens of varieties, independent development of innovative products are "bounce car", "happy kangaroo", "happy turtle", "happy spacecraft", "rotating speed", "luxury carousel (on the drive mode ) ". All products are in focus on environmental protection, security and stability, stable operation of the reliability, and in strict accordance with the amusement facilities safety standards GB8408-2008 safety standards for manufacturing, to ensure that products of superior quality
By then, the Company will exhibit the latest R & D equipment at the show. Welcome new and old friends come to visit!