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Bumper Car

Bumper car or dodgems is one popular amusement park equipment, both suitable for indoor and outdoor playground. Bumper car amusement rides is also one welcomed family rides, usually including 10 or above 10 cars with one reasonable playground, people can choose the bumping cars to play, dashing each other, get more fun with friends or family together!

There are many types bumper car rides for sale, such as ground net bumper cars amusement park, battery powered bumper car ride, or inflatable bumper car for kid….. We are professional bumper car game manufacture in China, especially for ground net bumper cars and battery bumper cars. They are also be named adult bumper cars, usually with 2 seats, kids also can sit together. And children above 6 years old can play too!

Welcome you contact Wanlerides, and to know more bumper car games price and models!

Products Categories
Electrical bumper cars 04

Electrical Bumper Cars

Capacity 2 persons
Motor power 230W
Motor Voltage DC48V
Speed ≤7km/h
Size 1.9*1.15*0.85cm
Working time: 6-8 hours
Weight 220kg
Battery bumper cars 04

Battery Bumper Cars

Capacity 2 persons
Power 500W
Load capacity 150kg
Battery 24V60A
Size 1.9*1.15*0.85cm
Working time: 6-8 hours
Weight 200kg
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