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Big Pendulum Ride

Big pendulum ride also named Frisbee ride, it is one hot sale carnival rides, widely used in many amusement parks and theme parks. Pendulum swing thrill rides is one big amusement park equipment, popular for adults and teenagers, very exciting and bring people the adventure experience that is more than imagination.

We are big pendulum rides manufacture, supply 24 seats and 30 seats pendulum swing park rides. The amusement park ride Frisbee as one carnival rides for sale, the durable quality is very important. our company focus on high quality products production for many years, whatever small or big rides, all with safe, stable quality and easier to maintain.

Our Frisbee amusement ride quality not only has a good reputation in domestic market, but also is trusted by many foreign customers.

Big pendulun 04

30 Seats Big Pendulum

Capacity 30 persons
Power 150KW
Static height 14.5m
Moving height 20.5m
Swing angle ±110°
Area size 24*18m
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