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30 Seats Big Pendulum

Capacity 30 persons
Power 150KW
Static height 14.5m
Moving height 20.5m
Swing angle ±110°
Area size 24*18m
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Big pendulun 01 Big pendulun 02

Frisbee rides is a class of pendulum rides belongs to thrill rides and enjoying a great popularity all around the world.

Features with strong and scientific structure.The big pendulum ride treats your tourists to the thrill of their lives.Passengers will have a sense that the land and the sky meshing into one and the whole sense of direction is disrupted as they fly during the swinging and spinning of the Frisbee.The machine only work after all the safety belt was fixed and take thrill-seekers on the ride of their lives.The Frisbee circling when the rides move back and forth,delivering a sensations that need to be experienced to believe.

Wanlerides Big Pendulum Rides Quality Control:

1.Wanle Big Pendulum Rides use thick enough mental material and full welding process, make sure durable quality and safe enough during the Pendulum rides working.

2. The FRP with durable grade A resin material, use several times painting process, so the rides can resist rain and sun, also rust.

3. All electrical part, motors and wires, use famous brand.

4. All the products we have professional operation training and installation service.



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