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Ferris Wheel

Capacity 72 persons
Cabins 18pcs
Voltage 380V/50HZ
Total height 30m
Wheel diameter 25.6m
Area diameter 16*19m
Product Specifications

ferris wheel 03 ferris wheel 02

An eye-catching ferris wheel is free ad for your theme park.

This type is used for our fixed wheels and it better to build on a concrete foundation for a permanent location.The cabins of the basket is customized in order to suit your theme park better.Very easy to install due to years of development,the wheel can be build less than 30 days under the help of a crane.Passengers in the gondola can enjoy the full view scenery of the park that they never experienced,the giant ferris wheel attracts thousands people and buring you profit the same time.

Wanlerides Ferris Wheel Quality Control:

  1. Our Ferris wheel meets international standard, have strict inspection report by China gaint rides inspection organization.
  2. Wanle Ferris wheel use standard steel material and high quality electrical accessories.
  3. Use standard and professional welding process for the whole production.
  4. Our Ferris wheel pass the set inspection process for each part.


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