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24 Seats Pirate Ship

Capacity 24 persons
Power 15KW
Voltage 380V/50HZ
Height 9.5
Machine size 11*8.3m
Area size 14*8.8m
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As an popular amusement park rides,pirate ship is a piece of equipment in every park,fun fair and resort place.

The well-decorated ship move swing back and forth under the support by four strong pillars.When the ship shaking to the highest point ,the passengers in the ship can feel the gravity strongly ,but suddenly the ship will move the contrary,which will make some of the tourists experience a pause of breathe.

There are various capacity of the pirate ship rides for choose,and the dimension requirement is sure different.

Wanlerides 24 seats Pirate Ship Quality Control:

  1. Wanle 24 seats Pirate Ship for sale, use Grade A fiberglass material and thick enough steel material, each side with full welding process, promise durable quality.
  2. We will provide classic and new design of the pirate ship appearance, also can do customized color.
  3. Wanle rides will arrange strict inspection of the Pirate ship by the Big Equipment inspection and research institute.
  4. Provide necessary operation training and teach how to handle emergencies.


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