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Spain Bull Rides

Capacity 32 persons
Power 19KW
Voltage 380V/50HZ
Height 14m
Machine diameter 12m
Area diameter 18m
Product Specifications

Spain bull rides 01 Spain bull rides 02

This Spain bull ride is a kind of BREAK DANCE rides and belong to the group of compact of Family Rides which feature a small footprint and no need special foundations.The modular is easy to maintain and can be installed without any major impact  to the sorrouding location.

BREAK DANCE ride has a central rotating hub and three counter rootating arms.Each of these arms carries four gondolas. The central rotation and the arm rotation add up to a cycloid trajectory which is further enhanced by the gondola  rotation,resulting in a ride experience offering intermittent accelerations and sudden,amost unpredictable swings.

What make difference is that  the appearance of the gondola “Spain bull”is popular attraction for most country or area. It has 3 cross arms and can lift up when the machine revolving against the central hub.

Spain bull rides

Wanlerides Spain Bull Rides Quality Control:

  1. Wanle Spain Bull Rides for sale, new patent and research product of us. With very durable mental and FRP material, reasonable mechanical process, it is working very smoothly!
  2. Use famous brand electrical accessories, make sure the durable quality and long life span of the rides.
  3. Wanle Spain Bull Rides, use several times painting process, anti-rust and waterproof, so rides can resist rain and sun, also rust. If your park near the sea, also can customized the hot galvanized for mental part.
  4. Each rides have strictly testing, quality test report before delivery.


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