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Disco Tagada

Disco tagada rides, carnival amusement rides for sale, this is one popular thrilling rides in many amusement parks or theme parks. People can sit together with friends or family, and enjoy the exciting thrilling moment together!

The Disco tagada rides are mostly welcomed by teenagers and adults who like different way adventures, to have an relax by riding tagada rides.

Wanle rides as one of the best amusement rides manufacture in China, supply various models Tagada amusement ride with different seats, such as 8 seats, 24 seats, 30 seats and so on. Wanle amusement rides Disco tagada with durable quality and well-known by many domestic and foreign countries customers.

Disco tagada ride 03

Disco Tagada Ride

Capacity 22 persons
Power 20KW
Voltage 380V/50HZ
Height 5.8m
Machine diameter 8m
Area diameter 9m
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