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Ferris Wheel

Ferris wheel, as one giant amusement equipment in the park, usually be considered one landmark in the amusement park or city! Ferris wheel amusement park has cabins attached, tourist can sit and enjoy the outside scenery together with family or friends. Amusement park Ferris wheel or theme park Ferris wheel takes people many unforgettable memories!

There are many ferris wheel manufactures in China, Wanlerides supply high quality Ferris wheel and other rides, various large Ferris wheel with different price and height, you can find the fairground attraction ferris wheel that you need from Wanle rides company.

If you are planning to invest in one ferris wheel fairground attraction, Wanle rides can give you details options for different ferris wheel for sale, and how to choose the ferris wheel ride cabins. You also can tell us your details requirement of the amusement park rides ferris wheel, the designs, how many capacity, the height, lights…. There is must one can meet your demands.

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Ferris wheel 02

Ferris Wheel

Capacity 72 persons
Cabins 18pcs
Voltage 380V/50HZ
Total height 30m
Wheel diameter 25.6m
Area diameter 16*19m
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