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Pirate Ship

Pirate ship amusement ride, as one extremely popular amusement park equipment, which with one big boat with different seats, also themed with different colors, very attractive and beautiful. People love to thrilling on pirate ship at amusement parks, especially for a big one, which can swing higher, sightseeing and exciting, take people have an adventure experience when thrilling!

Wanle rides company as one playground pirate ship manufacture, focus on high quality big pirate ship production. Usually 24 seats and 40 seats pirate ship ride at amusement parks are most be chosen, the two models are popular for many amusement parks, theme parks, and other funfair playground.

Products Categories
40 seats pirate ship 01

40 Seats Pirate Ship

Capacity 40 persons
Power 45KW
Voltage 380V/50HZ
Height 13.7m
Swing angle ±60°
Area size 22.8*9.2m
24 seats pirate ship 01

24 Seats Pirate Ship

Capacity 24 persons
Power 15KW
Voltage 380V/50HZ
Height 9.5
Machine size 11*8.3m
Area size 14*8.8m
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