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Disco Tagada Ride

Capacity 22 persons
Power 20KW
Voltage 380V/50HZ
Height 5.8m
Machine diameter 8m
Area diameter 9m
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Tagada become more and more popular equipment at amusement park and it also known as disco tagada because Dj music(can customizable) play while the equipment work.Players sit in a bowl scope with no seatbelts or restraints.There are bars behind the players which they hold on to.The music start when the rides starts to spin.The rides will suddenly rise and fall along while shaking,it is not a thrill rides but also bring endless excitement and pleasure for tourists.

Another advantage is it is easy to install and maintain and easy to operate with power button. Meanwhile, customerization is also available. LED light is also dispensable.

WANLE,a reliable park rides manufacturer, supplies high quality corrosion-resistant tagada rides with reasonable price and various decoration and painting.

Let’s dance together to enjoy a fun time at the moment.

Wanlerides Disco Tagada Rides Quality Control:

  1. Wanlerides Disco Tagada Rides for sale, with wonderful structure terms, and shock absorption.  2.  Use A grade FRP material, many times polishing to make sure it is smooth enough.
  2. Use famous brand electrical accessories.
  3. The painting use car painting.
  4. The rides have one complete set inspection, each rides have the inspection report before delivery.

Disco Tagada Ride

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