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Family Roller Coaster

Capacity 16persons
Track Length 270m
Track highest point 9.8m
Total power 210kw
Fastest running speed 37.7KW/h
Area size 50*45m
Product Specifications

family roller coaster 02 details 01

As a popular attraction in the amusement and theme park outdoor,playground giant roller coaster is a must play item if it exists.

But it is beyond excitement for toddlers and elders,so it it thrill rides rather than family and kids rides.Some of our equipment are sure to catch your eye if dimension permitting. On the contrary,If dimension is limited, we’ve recently offered several smaller devices to choose from.Which is preferred for thrill-seekers of all ages.

Wanle amusement equipment company always keeps the quality at the first place,and we aimed to provide competitive price while being a factory manufacturer.And customization is also available.

All our machines are new for sale all around the world. Please contact for more detail informations.

Wanlerides Family Roller Coaster Quality Control:

  1. Family Roller Coaster rides, the block systems is very important, the track consists different blocks. Each block have strict production and inspection.
  2. The large wheel diameter, Roller coaster have long service life and good ride smoothness.
  3. Durable quality chain, with energy-efficient motor.
  4. Good computer operating system, have programmable logic controllers.
  5. The regular strict maintenance and inspection of roller coaster.


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