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Drop Tower Ride

Capacity 16persons
Power 75KW
Height 33m
Area size 12*12m
Product Specifications

If you are looking for a thrill amusement park rides,a drop tower ride on sale at WANLE factory is a great choice for you.This Skyhiride attraction as a unique iconic of amusement and theme park near all around the world.

The drop tower thrill rides offer a sense of zero gravity experience excitment when fall from the top of this playground park machine.Giant drop tower rides always design with a stable structure and durable material which lead to the high quality safety standards.Corrosion-resistant ensure the machine can be used for many year’s heavy use.This latest funfair attractions is also easy to operate and mantain with a operate box,making it a great investment for many amusement park and entertainment center whether indoor or outdoors.

There are many kind of playground rides for sale at WANLE amusement company ltd ,and we offer competitive design and reasonable cheap price as a worldwild well-known reputable manufacturer of amusement rides.That’s some of the reason why you may want to consider buying drop tower rides from us.

Meanwhile,our drop tower rides is produced in our own factory with standard comprehensive workshops,great teamwork;advanced technology;and exquisite craft.

Wanlerides Drop Tower Rides Quality Control:

  1. Wanle Drop Tower Rides, use full welding process for each side, all steel material comply with EN13814 standards.
  2. Wanlerides company is very focus on the products details production, have professional workers with many years experience on the products production and research.
  3. All electrical part, motors and wires, use famous brand.
  4. Each rides have one complete set inspection process, have the inspection report for each part.


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