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Motorcycle Ride

Capacity 28 persons
Power 13.5KW
Voltage 380V/50HZ
Machine diameter 11m
Speed 1.9m/s
Area size Diameter 12m
Product Specifications

Harley motorcycle is really a family friendly interactive ride with 8 arms to connect with  8 motorcycles and 4 sidecars capable for both adults,teenager and children.Rides are able to make their bike “pop a wheelie” using the controls on the handlebar ,which make it more enjoyable.

This hog rally rides catch the eyes of teenagers(specially for boys) and can give them a realistic driving experience which completely different with VR game.It is worth mentioning that when the full LED on at night ,it will be more impressive.

Motorcycle ride

Wanlerides Motorcycle Rides Quality Control:

  1. Wanlerides Motorcycle Rides for sale, with attractive painting and design. each motorcycle our factory design produced by ourselves.
  2. Use Grade A resin fiberglass, and durable mental material, and also some galvanized tube for production.
  3. Use famous brand electrical accessories.
  4. Wanlerides Happy Conch Rides, have very strict testing process before loading.


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