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Wanle Run Horse

Capacity 12persons
Power 3.5KW
Voltage 380V/50HZ
Track length 50m
Minimum turning radius 2.8m
Area size Be customized
Product Specifications

Wanle Jungle Knight totally make an innovation for traditional park train rides to a  unique shape,appearance and decoration.You could also feel that you are the Knight when you play while the rides move back and forth.It seems this a ideal addition for your commercial park,resort place,square,theme park,zoo,amusement park,entertainment center,gardens,farm attractions etc.

But not all park and carnival suit due to that the device have a minimum dimension requirement 7.5m*16m.You can lay the track yourself any shape and route you like to some extent,but do remember that the minimum turning radius 2.8m.

Wanlerides Run Horse Ride Quality Control:

  1. Wanlerides Run Horse Ride for sale, with movable cabins, shining and beautiful painting.
  2. Use Grade A fiberglass, the fiberglass usually have repeated polishing, to make sure it is smooth enough, it is also better for painting process.
  3. Happy Turntable Rides use famous brand electrical accessories.
  4. Use many times painting process, in order the rides color can resist rain and sun, also rust.
  5. Wanlerides Run Horse Ride, have one set strict testing before loading.


Wanle Run Horse

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