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Crazy Jumping Ride

Capacity 20 persons
Power 14KW
Voltage 380V/50HZ
Machine diameter 11m
Speed 1.9m/s
Area size Diameter 13m
Product Specifications

Crazy Jumping space energy leap ride is new design with attractive appearance kind of crazy frog funfair ride.This kind of non-stop heavy rides from start to finish with different bounce sequences throughout,suitable for adult and teens due to that it is not such thrills fun fair.

The speed of this carnival device attraction is adjustable ,but our engineer will help if you want much excitedment provided.The excellent LED light arrangement and design make it easier to catch the tourists’ eyes even at night.In other words,make it more technological when full lights up as to bringing you into a more modern future world.

Crazy jumping rides

Wanlerides Crazy Jumping Rides Quality Control:

1. Wanle Crazy Jumping Rides use thick enough mental material and fullwelding process, make sure durable quality and safe enough during the Jumping rides working.

2. The FRP with durable grade A resin material, use several times painting process, not only the FRP looks more beautiful, but also the rides can resist rain and sun, also rust.

3. All electrical part, motors and wires, use famous brand.

4. Each rides our factory have strictly testing report before loading. And each part also have testing too, to make sure the durable quality.

Crazy Jumping Ride

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