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Happy Conch Ride

Capacity 16 persons
Power 11.5KW
Voltage 380V/50HZ
Machine diameter 10m
Speed 1.98m/s
Area size Diameter 12m
Product Specifications

Happy conch is a kind of energy leap playground rides suit the theme water park or sea park better.

There is a well-decorated cartoon shark model on the upper part of the middle axis.The gondoal will take you up and down just like surfing on a surfboard.It is not so excited to suit for child as well.

But it better to be accompanied by parents ,which not only increase safety but also enhances parent-child relationship.

Wanlerides Happy Conch Rides Quality Control:

  1. Wanlerides Happy Conch Rides for sale, with attractive painting design.
  2. Use Grade A resin fiberglass, and durable mental material, especially for the big arms.
  3. The painting use anti-rust and waterproof painting process.
  4. Wanlerides Happy Conch Rides, have very strict testing process before loading.

Happy Conch Ride

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